Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Redundant Idiocy.

Oh, what a creature, so beautifully alive,
If ever I to you say harsh words, They're lies.
For your friendship I cherish, A kiss on the hand,
Forever I'll be there, please understand.
I meant not to hurt you, it wasn't my wish,
I will never desert you, I know what I've risked.
Although times are hectic and strange on the mind,
I'll always stay loyal, despite troubles we'll find.
So know that I'm sorry, accept this apology,
With me, need not worry, so please forgive me.

We all know there's one who differs
Lets not fell into this set-up trap.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The honours.

Oh this weekend adalah paling memenatkan. Convo akak aku but macam convo aku dah.
Jadi photographer la, amekkan robe la, teman ke sana ke sini, urgh. And the worst thing is, ive a lot of things left to do! amekkan gambar frame, hantar robe, amek transcript bla bla bla. Adui. Camana lah convo sendiri tahun depan pasti lagi membunuh.


Congrats Ain Nadhila for ur 1st Class Honour graduation!
Semoga jadi Chemical Engineer yang hebat.
Agak jeles lah hopefully saya pun dapat 1st class.
dan thanks juga for the payment. Hoho. I promise u and ur friends each of the 600++ pictures is satisfying and georgeously beautiful. Like this;


Ok. Now am ready to face incoming hectic weeks. Hell yeah!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The King of Media.

Well2. Mula2 macam nak abaikan since it is such a small matter yang tak patut diwarwarkan pun, tapi dah dua hari masih semua orang bising2 lagi hal ni. Yea, as u all know Utusan condemn Utpians setelah scam salam perantauan menyebabkan mereka butthurts.So ill state my view on this topic, lagipun i know a lot of the involved.

First time tengok gambar salam perantauan tu dulu, i laughed my ass off. Sumpah funny gila. WTF man budak2 ni sempat lagi wat benda2 ni time masing2 tengah bz nak habiskan FYP masing2. Then, semalam, keluar artikel Utusan yang condemn UTP students gila kaw2. Allrite2. What can we say, yeah memang salah pun buat scam or in their words 'Menipu'. We cant deny that cant we?.

But lets take a look on the article.The writer straight bagi direct attack to UTP students and indirect attack to all local university students, which according to them lansung tak sama taraf with those overseas one yang boleh bermain2 salji. Wohoo. Ganas writer Noraini Abdul Razak ni. The article, lansung tak menunjukkan keikhlasan menegur, instead they make it as a power show off. Utusan Malaysia ibarat bagi warning to everyone, dont even thinking of joking with us, we'll use everything in our power to attack you back. We dont have the authority power to punish you? No problem then we'll just put on pressures on UTP Management so you'll get the punishment. We, Utusan Malaysia will put on melodious words like "kegagalan pembentukan sahsiah remaja, menipu ketika bulan puasa, hujah hujah pendek akal budak universiti" in condemning your actions, so every Malaysian reading will hate you and your stupid local university. Now you get it, dont you? We are the mainstream media, we control how Malaysian think!

Well2. Yes Utusan Malaysia. You made your point, bravo. Kami, the pendek akal local university students get it. You are the most powerful newspaper in Malaysia who can attack anyone as you like by manipulating your media power. But, i have something im curious about. When you claim a lot of readers been cheated, 'tertipu' by this group of UTP students, you cant be serious, right? I dont know even one Malaysian who give a fuck about Salam Perantauan if their friends and family arent in it. No one, ever, will browse through each of those pictures just for serious pleasure of reading. So, please tell me which of your reader who is been cheated. I myself can give pampasan to them for feeling cheated.

Whatever u wrote will not change the fact u still got pawned.
The end.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pillow talk 0.

Hola Muchos!

Well well. 2 minggu tidak ketemu. Sekarang pun actually tiada mood dan idea buat post but memandangkan baru perasan lama gila tak buat blog, i think i need to. Walaupun tiada siapa baca at least it made me feel my life is still kicking and alive. Hoyeah.

The worst thing of being a final year student adalah the workloads. Ohmai kerja bertubi2 datang tanpa tersipu sipu malu. Ada saja projek need to be done by today dan ada saja meeting on academic projects. Am i stressed by it? Nope. Haha. Tak tahu kenapa even the workloads astaghfirullah banyaknya i still manage to watch movies, main PES, or even sleep late doing nothing. Tapi kerja still tak siap la well last minute rocks bebeh. Maka adakah it means saya seorang time manager yang baik kerana tidak stress walaupun workloads mewah ataupun mati la lu Anas sem ni bawah 2.5 la gpa ko.But interestingly something made me realize that i need to prove myself to be capable to be an engineer rather than getting a good cgpa. Please don't misunderstand this, not to brag, but im a dean list student almost all the semester ive been in UTP except one. Pointer jatuh 3.47 at that one time. Pasal haru biru clash la tuh kot. Haha damn u Anas senang2 blame orang lain. But, the point is, even with all those dean list gpa's, i cant say to anyone that im capable of being an engineer yet. Oh damn.

One of the major project this sem is FYDP. FYDP means Final Year Plant Design. The lecturer give us a group of five the project which is to design a process plant in order to achieve a production of given chemical. The plant will include everything that should be there practically in the industrial plant. Plus my supervisor offers very little help for us, semua buat sendiri saja maa. So this one night i was in cafe, just finished my FYDP meeting. We were stuck on one part of the project. To tell you, this project needs you to use every knowledge on past subjects you've studies through 4 years in UTP. And honestly, i cant remember a thing ive studied over this years. Atuk dah tua. Then came a girl. One of the brains in our class.  She came and explain every little things to us, those technical aspects, detailed knowledge, how this need to be done, how that should be changed, and everything. And i was humbled. Super humbled. Not that i was arrogant before though. Takde hape nak diarrogantkannya pun. Huhu.

I know there maybe no juniors is reading this. But if ever one of you terbaca, somehow stumbled upon this, believe me in chemical engineering the most important thing is the technical knowledge. Dont always aim for the examination. I'm a last minute person, studying for the sake of the examination and truthfully said im not capable to be an engineer. Nor 85% of my class too. Haha nak jugak tarik ramai2. Mana boleh jatuh sorang kan haha. Im sorry Malaysia, for having a future engineer like me, but saya dah berazam untuk menjadi a better engineer. Or should i change to be a graphic artists instead? Haha envy those yang having fun at work doing things they love. Super nice.

So thats it, a little pillow talk for you. Sorry for too much english in this entry though, since im more comfortable of using English in expressing my true feelings. Using Bahasa is a little bit too intimate. Segan ma. Haha.~

Owh, to add. Just because i used to intern at a consultancy company and somehow have full access of their accounts file,  i know for this kind of full plant designing projects the company will pays millions to the consultants. Should i claim at least a million dollar from UTP for this million dollars project? haha. I really should discuss on this with my groupmates.