Friday, November 21, 2008

Semi-bumper issue. Lay back ,light the ciggaretes and read on.

cheme carnival 2009; draft logo 1 by nenasoren

batch's dinner "Malam Keanggunan Tradisi" card by nenasoren.
(bantuan ikhlas kpade pepel yg ngeng tbe2 mntak lg sjam nk print)

At Malam Keanggunan Tradisi,here are chemi guys.

See? Heart-melting chemi girls. Who said the engineering girls arent sweet enough?

And the kacaks2 guys turn to steal the screen
Apon si kaki tido dlm lec berbaju kuning. Nak knal? kuat merapik juga..amaran.Haha

Aku da abes final exam!
july 08 ends here.

12-19 nov.
nmpk skjap kan? sminggu je beb..
but it really was a hell of a week.
worst preparation for final la this sem
but still, we'll see
hope tak jatoh sgt ar pointer.
teka teki;
knape tiap sem kita maken malas?
knape tym foundy rajen prepare final smpai 3 mgu,
tym 1st year prepare final 2 mgu,
and da naek 2nd year sminggu sajeh?
by the way my batch wat dinner ritu mnarik la.
makanan lg sdap dr yg lpas tp stil yg lepas nye lg fun
mayb ni tym sumorg tengah bz stadi kot?
tp clap2 gak to sume comittee
respect n salute from me!
you guys are the best. plg best dlm dunia.
So...finally the sem has ended. Rough semester seriously.
Started with the hecticness of V3 grand dinner,
and ended with the roughness of exam week
this sem's exam week is by far the most challenging exam week ever
since my foundy year
the exam schedule is too packed that i cant breath
bayangkn in a week we got five subjects to settle up
and the subjects seriously arent easy my friend
hundred pages to be covered,
and pnyesalan mmbuang masa spnjang sem sntiasa bermain di fikiran.
Yg lepas itu lepas
Past is past.
Now lets take a look into future.
Next sem, confirm rough lagi
I need to prepare for a tougher semester, mayb the toughest semester of all
3 big events!
1.Cheme carnival: 8 event skaligus under one roof. but its ok. jd pnp. Dpan laptop saja kerjanya.
2.V3 Sports Carnivale 09: jd vice pm, byk keje nih. Tp enjoy..enjoy.Pe salah keje hepi2 ye tak
3. V3 trip to Chulalongkorn Univ, Thailand: Whoa. Ni plg bes. Fully sponsored by Utp kot. Mmg plg mantap dan plg bes dlm dunia. Still kene wat proposal gle tak sabar. Bjuang, bjuang!
Huu. Sume event bes2.Exciting but surely tiring. But enjoy!
Huha. Byk mrepek. Lama tak mmblog nye.Sume psl connection utp yg sgt lmbab.
And, only this week, three people aku dpt taw dah pulang ke rahmatullah.
Sila ambik masa doakan n sedekahkn alfatihah
utk Nenek Syira yg mninggal malam selasa hr tu,
utk adik Mat Yie Chemi yg mninggal hr ahad lepas,
and utk Muhammad Imaduddin Taelip, dak foundy utp yg br mninggal maghrib smalam.
Moga roh2 mereka sentiasa dicucuri rahmatNya.
Bnde2 camni cam bg ingatan kat kita,
sentiasa ingat mati.
Bak kata org, mengingati mati membangkitkn hati yg mati
To Mat Yie, im really sorry and feel so touched by your story.
His mom didnt tell him about his brother's death until wednesday,
after he finished his last paper.
Surely his mom has her reason.
But be strong Mat Yie. Its just Allah lebih sayangkn ur brother.
Redha dgn ketentuanNya.
And to Syira, u are a tough person, i know u are.
Doakan nenek byk2, its her time to come back to Allah.
When you said you are ok when i called you before,
somehow your voice was telling me that you werent really okay
but still,
it is really matured and honored for you to be so tough at the time
i know nenek yg mninggal ni is the same nenek you lived with since baby until dajah nam,
before living with ur parent until now.
That must be hard.
ur nenek must be proud.
n im proud of you too.
i really am
p/s: atika jehan, sori la tak reply ur tagging me tu. takde mase.laen kali okies!